Courtnie Quinlan

Growing up I was always very quiet and shy believe it or not! I am half English, half St Lucian, so when I was little I had a head full of long dark curls, big brown eyes and olive skin, so I always stood out from other kids in school which I hated. I was even scouted by a children's modelling agency when I was 6- but me being shy I refused to pursue it, which my parents were disappointed about. I've always been really good at sport, so growing up I was always a bit of a tom boy! I seemed to excel in Gymnastics, and athletics, as I'm quite flexible and can run pretty fast. I think I still own the record for Long jump and 100m sprint at school come to think of it!

Well, I've always worked pretty hard at school. I passed my 11+ and went to an all girl's grammar school in Plymouth. I achieved 10 GCSE's all at A-B grades. And I have A Levels in Biology and Chemistry, and AS levels in Maths and Art. I always had hopes to work with animals as my sister owns horses and have grown up with them so I aimed for a career in Veterinary. I was offered a place at my first choice university to study Bsc(Hons) degree in Veterinary nursing specializing in horses, but as I had only just turned 18 I was a bit of a wimp and I wasn't ready to leave home and my friends! So I stayed at home and applied to my local university (Plymouth) to study Podiatry!! Yes-feet!

How I got into modelling....I didn't really have boobs until I was 16 so never thought I'd have what it takes to be a model... I think I grew them over night! So when I was 18 I entered a local competition to be in a charity swimwear/underwear calendar. I was voted by the public as one of the winners which I couldn't believe as I only entered for fun and to raise money for St Luke's Hospice. It was a major confidence boost which made me come out of my shell finally. Sat in a Podiatry lecture one day, I was still truly disliking my course even after passing my first year, knowing that I could not be a Podiatrist for the rest of my life. I was still on a high after winning the charity modelling competition that I thought I'd forward pictures to an agency as I really enjoyed being in front of the camera.
A few days later I found myself in London after being called in by the agency, and lucky enough was taken on. Since then, I haven't really looked back. I put uni on hold to concentrate on modelling, and I am happier now than I've ever been.

I have since appeared in many campaigns such as Lynx and Wrigley's, magazines to include Nuts, Loaded, Zoo, More, Maxim, People, to name a few. I am also a Page 3 model for The Sun Newspaper which is the best job in the world.